Annual activity results review at the press conference

Annual activity results review at the press conference

Annual activity results review at the press conference

On February 7, this year there was held a press conference in the Administration of Sughd FEZ with the participation of representatives of local and regional mass media.

The head of the Administration Firdavs Olimzoda summarized the work for 2018 and defined the mainstream development and growth in 2019.

To date, 24 subjects (entities) in the Sughd FEZ are entitled to privileges and preferences. “Next year, based on our forecast we are planning to increase the number of our subjects up to 30” he noted.

In 2018, two large enterprises of FEZ were officially launched, where the President of the country Emomali Rahmon took part in their opening ceremony. The Tajik-Turkish enterprise “Archa-Mebel” produces a wide range of furniture. The owner invested 9 million TJS to its construction. The second enterprise is “Ariana Metal Plast” engaged in the production of metal-plastic products. The plant has already started the production of children’s cars, wheelchairs, bicycles, walkers etc. The product range will be expanded at the nearest future, and the company will produce 36 types of items, in particular, household goods, fans, and various plastic parts for cars and household appliances. The company established by domestic entrepreneurs, who have invested more than 14 million TJS for the building works.

At the eve of official opening of mentioned subjects several preparation and construction works were carried out in the territory of FEZ, such as repair and asphalting of a part of the roadway, lighting of the area, decorative gardening and decoration of the access site. Works are continued on the construction of an administrative building.

At the press conference, also annual statistical indicators were announced that marked a growth trend. According to F. Olimzoda, the volume of production in 2018 increased by 36 million TJS compared with 2017 and amounted to 116 million TJS. About 20% of production was exported to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Afghanistan in an amount of 17 million TJS.

In 2018, the subjects invested 19.7 million TJS. More than 500 people are employed in FEZ. Also, there were given figures that are deducted by subjects to the social and income tax budget and customs duties.

In 2018, in honor of the tenth anniversary of the creation of free economic zones in Tajikistan with the active participation of Sughd FEZ Administration the International Economic Forum “Sughd-2018” was held, where individuals and organizations made a special contribution to the development of the FEZ in Tajikistan were awarded.

It was also noted that the Administration of Sughd FEZ continues to cooperate actively with free zones of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, and China. There are also agreements and memorandums of cooperation with international organizations leading to the implementation of joint projects.

Lastly, F. Olimzoda emphasized that the Administration of Sughd FEZ intends to fulfill the realization of goals set at the creation of FEZ.

After the completion of the report, the representatives of the media asked their questions of concern.