How to become FEZ subject

The subject of Sughd FEZ can be individual entrepreneurs, organizations, regardless of their organizational and legal forms, provided by the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan, as well as branches and their representative offices, which:

List of documents


Cost of certificate on any kinds of activity regardless of their production volume and turnover constitutes 5 thousands US dollars. Certificates are given on the following terms:

  • certificate on commercial activity will be given for a period 10 years;
  • certificate on production activity will be given for a period of 15 years.


Business-plans and investments projects should meet the following requirements:

  • investments for implementing production activity – no less than 500 thousands US dollars;
  • import no less than 90% of production-technological equipment;
  • early exploitation life of imported production technological equipment should not exceed 3 years;
  • investments for implementing export-import activity – no less than 50 thousands US dollars;
  • investment for implementing activity on providing services no less than 10 thousands US dollars;
  • produce products no later than 3 years prior to state registration date.