Migration policy

FEZ subject has right to attract labor resources from abroad to the position of managers and technical advisors for FEZ subjects, at the same time number of employees should not exceed 20% from total number of FEZ subject employees.

On Sughd FEZ territory is acting simplified regime of entry and departure of foreigners, which is established by authorized state authority on FEZ management in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan, that includes:

  • 50% decrease of consular fees amount;

  • shortening of terms for reviewing documents on issuing entry and exit visas;

  • practice of issuing entry visas for foreigners coming to work in Sughd FEZ by the time of their arrival to the Republic of Tajikistan


Visa receiving procedure for foreign personnel coming to work in FEZ

Rules of visa procurement and issuance procedure of the Republic of Tajikistan for foreign citizens and persons without citizenship

Visa regime with foreign countries

Visa Application Form

Ставки по консульским сборам