Sughd region is an administrative division of Tajikistan with very ancient history and diverse geography. Thanks to its favorable geographical location Sughd region is like the northern trade gate of Tajikistan and has a “pearl” reputation of the Ferghana Valley. Through the Sughd region pass all life support systems of Ferghana Valley. These are railways, interrepublican gas pipeline, high-voltage power lines and international road. This region plays a very important role in the economy of Tajikistan. Industrial and agricultural potential of the country is concentrated in this region.

Mining industry (especially mining of non-ferrous and rare metals) is very well developed in Sughd region. There are manufacturers that mine for gold, silver, lead, zinc, coal, granite, marble, gypsum, quartz etc.

The region had population of 2,608 million for 2013, 1,6 million of which is working-age population.